Hey folks!

I hope you guys are doing well.

Let me share something, just had a thought. First of all, let us consider a scenario considering ourselves as a new player in the field against this pandemic where all the best players are our doctors and we are their support…

Very common question right? Tell me, If you would like it if someone asks you this question?

As per my opinion, there are three things we should not tell anyone :

  1. Package
  2. Love life
  3. Next move

You shouldn’t open it with everyone except your family. Yeah, a lot of times…

Well. my answer is No!

Here is my story. In the end please let me know my decision was good or not.

Designation: Frontend Engineer
Experience: 5 Years
Skills: Html, Css, Scss, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, C, Website Optimization, DS etc.

You will be shocked to know that I am from…


I dream my development & then I develop my dream.

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