Work-life balance while working from home 🏠

3 min readMay 23, 2021


Hey folks!

I hope you guys are doing well.

Let me share something, just had a thought. First of all, let us consider a scenario considering ourselves as a new player in the field against this pandemic where all the best players are our doctors and we are their support as in saving the boundary lines to help them and get the game.

We the people of the IT world are most lucky owning the fact that we are still operating our work regularly with the difference of location. Here’s the thing that I’ve recently discovered guess what, out of India, in the IT world, before the pandemic, most of the people used to work from home, more than 50%. But, in Indian companies, we were getting 1 WFH monthly, because the Indian IT industry thought that Indians won’t be able to work from home as they have a lot of things to manage and that will be quite challenging for them.

Thanks to corona, oh! Not for the disease but to make a point and clear the wrong thoughts of laziness about Indians. At least now you know Indian people are doing a great job from their home in fact much better than the office. Yes! It has been benefitted many companies. Companies are providing great facilities to their employee with many amenities.

There are many benefits if we consider - like JOMO (joy of missing out) per that’s my favorite as I like to stay alone and work in silence while no one is around.

In the wake of the coronavirus global pandemic, work from home (WFH), has been confined primarily to the IT sector. Now, that business as usual can continue, many sectors have started to embrace WFH. Adding to that other businesses have been setting up WFH for their employees which’s a new visible change.

Now, many companies are thinking to provide a permanent WFH 🎉 option to the people who really require it and don’t have an option to join the office like in emergencies. As it's proven now they will get better results for sure.

But apart from that, we need to understand the intensity and importance of WFH as the company is giving us the responsibility and trusting us for the work given, so it is necessary to value it. With all these, we cannot deny the fact that at this point after so long we are missing our offices, staff, colleagues, canteen, and kudos to our bosses 🙏.

We need to remain calm and be courageous enough to reset and adjust our sails. Although the game may seem tiresome and long, self-control, patience, and resilience will give us strength and enable us to survive and thrive. So, WFH is somehow good.

So what you prefer WFH or office and why? Let me know in the comment box.

See you soon in the next blog. Till then let’s do some WEBBING

Signing off ~ Pooja Mansukhani 👩‍💻